curio bedroom floor lamp

mesh by leehee4444, converted by me.

ritsuka mesh edit

 i’ve modified a very popular mesh that ritsuka converted, making it a wee bit smaller since the original makes me cringe from how large it is. here’s a comparison

curio bedroom ceiling lamp 

i got a request to do a few lamps from the curio bedroom set so here’s the first of a few! credits to leehee4444 for original mesh. TOU is the same.

  • smeg fridge - mesh by cazarupt! textures by SCM. one recolor isn’t shown (sorry!)
  • TOU is the same. 



this is a bit rushed so i apologize for the yucky previews! 

nms sofa - converted by ILTS, textures by SCM

updated link!

Awesims Channel Back Chair - mesh by awesims, textures by PA

Steffor Lamp - mesh by steffor, converted by me, textures by SCM & PA

PA Recolors - mesh by ATS3, textures obviously by the awesome Mari.

TOU is the same.

yuxi frame - mesh converted by ILTS, textures by SCM & Malle.

awesims paola chair - mesh by awesims, textures by PAR. 

tou is the same, have fun! 

  • Yuxi Arm Chair - converted by newshoes. 

textures by simscraftman, extracted by me. my TOU is the same as usual. 

yay! finally got a majority of paisley’s paintings extracted and converted! here’s the second set. preview! credits to mari, bluehopper and myself! 


hey guys! here’s some tattoos, the only thing re-colorable about them are the lines! i honestly hate colored tattoos so sorry if that’s your thing!